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Aroma: Excellence in smelling

Taste: delicious flavor

Cannabis Genetics: Indian/Brazilian

Type: stabilized hybrid, Sativa 60 / Indica 40

Flowering: 8 weeks
Harvest: October outdoors northern hemisphere

THC: 15 - 20%

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50 seeds £195.00

100 seeds £345.00

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Flying Dutchman Seeds Regular

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The Flying Dutchmen
professional, genetics by 1984.

Marijuana Seeds » European marijuana seeds » Flying Dutchman Seeds Regular


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Flying Dutchman Seeds Afghanica


 Dominant Afghan taste, form and quality of high, coupled with dominant Skunk yield, vigour and general potency; all of which gives you the cream of the crops. ??Heavy compact buds that drip with resin in the heat. Heavy stone. Good for many medical applications.

Price: £40.00
62.02 USD 81.83 CAD 54.85 EUR

Flying Dutchman Seeds Dutchman's Royal Orange


This cross was made with only quality in mind.take longer to mature.worth the wait.


Price: £40.00
62.02 USD 81.83 CAD 54.85 EUR

Flying Dutchman Seeds Early Durban


 As comfortable outdoors in most temperate regions as indoors, Early Durban is a tough plant that will reward the grower with high yields quickly. It's mostly Sativa in nature, with a cerebral/physical effect and an Aniseed taste.

Price: £31.00
48.07 USD 63.42 CAD 42.51 EUR

Flying Dutchman Seeds Fuma Con Dios


Pure Haze smell, pure Haze taste, pure Haze effect. The Skunk father keeps the height down and the maturation time to within 12 weeks. He also pumps up the yields to a respectable 300 grams per square metre. This powerful Haze comes highly recommended for impatient Haze lovers. Only one generation removed from the original Haze of the 1970's.

Price: £40.00
62.02 USD 81.83 CAD 54.85 EUR

Flying Dutchman Seeds Haley's Comet


 An early Californian variety crossed with the Skunk #1. A very homogenous and fast maturing variety, suited to growing outdoors in many temperate regions. A large percentage of the plants trigger into flowering at the slightest reduction of photoperiod. Haley's Comet has a sweet citrus taste and smell with a well balanced physical/cerebral high.

Price: £45.00
69.78 USD 92.06 CAD 61.71 EUR

Flying Dutchman Seeds Haze Mist


The balance between the potency and sweetness of the Kerala, with the spiciness and soaring cerebral high of the Original Haze are perfectly expressed in this almost pure Sativa cross. For patient Haze lovers only; a very special cross that will reward the grower with a product that is unsurpassed in recent history. Good yield for an almost pure Sativa.

Price: £55.00
85.28 USD 112.52 CAD 75.42 EUR

Flying Dutchman Seeds Kerala Krush


 An extremely vigorous Sativa crossing of the highest calibre, this is a medium tall plant with good yields for a Sativa. The Skunk father boosts fast maturation without interfering with the high or taste of the pure South Indian Sativa. Very smooth complex taste and smell with a clear, cerebral high.

Price: £36.00
55.82 USD 73.65 CAD 49.37 EUR

Flying Dutchman Seeds Original Haze


This variety is the base for all the Haze you can find in Holland. Since being stabilised in the late 70's, The Original Haze has never been hybridised. Perfect for breeding projects due to its pure breeding status.

Price: £67.00
103.89 USD 137.07 CAD 91.88 EUR

Flying Dutchman Seeds Pineapple Punch Regular


A specially selected Real McCoy crossed back to a Skunk #1 daddy, to offer the chance for wider genetic diversity to those who love the Hawaiian. A little more chunky and Skunky than the Real McCoy, with a distinctive pineapple taste and smell. Very cerebral in effect.

Price: £50.00
77.53 USD 102.29 CAD 68.57 EUR

Flying Dutchman Seeds Pot of Gold Regular


Pot of Gold is a Compact plant that produce massive yields and is also one of the most resinous strains in our selection. Pot Of Gold is one of the flagships of the Flying Dutchmen seed company. ??With a refined, sweet Hashish taste and an extremely potent physical effect, this strain will leave you stuck to your seat for hours. Good for many medical applications.

Price: £50.00
77.53 USD 102.29 CAD 68.57 EUR

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